Interrupted Meal
Irene Rose, Melbourne
28 August – 22 September 2018

Gateway to cosmopolitan living, 2018, wood, stainless steel, water based stain, Beurré Bosc pear, 153 x 150.5 x 57cm

Invasion of privacy, 2018, wood, fabric, stainless steel, nickel plated security door chain, birds nest, 110.5 x 40 x 28cm

I shall leave life just as I’ve left the table thousands of times. I’ll have heard a noise at the door that interrupts the feast; I’ll recognise it, 2018, door, home inspiration catalogue images, small cutlery, 123.5 x 60 x 7cm

Uninvited guest, 2018, wood, water based stain, 98 x 45 x 45cm

Banquet view, 2018, window, wood, water based stain, delicatessen paper, 61.7 x 40.7 x 4cm